Hey there!

I'm Allen👋

I have 3+ years UI/UX design experience in C2C E-commerce & entertainment field. Multidisciplined professional across design, and coding.

I'm dedicated to finding the best solution between design and coding, focusing on design workflow, then designing and implementing that feasible proposal. I’d love to keep learning trend of UIUX and front-end techniques. Try to design products with better user experience, high quality, and increasing conversion rate, create both aesthetic and user-friendly solutions.

Feel free to contact me via E-mail or myLinkedIn


My Career

I majored in Digital Media Design, I was a graphic designer and an animator until I work as a UI/UX designer, I became enjoying build products which are part of people's everyday lives. Because of my curiosity, I started to become a self-taught developer and learn web technology. Until now, I've finished several projects with developers in this industry.

Graphic Design
UX Design
UI Design

Aside From Design

I like to play games, listening music like rap or pop song.
And I also love out door activities like...
go rock climbing🧗🏻
go surfing🏄🏻
go mountain climbing 🏔️
or even walk my lovely dog Q-be🐕 in any place.
I use my camera and gopro to explore this world ,and in the mean time,where there is my inspirations came from too.

Meet sakura in Marcus
First time go surfing
Go hiking in the weekend
Rock climbing
Enjoying walking with my love
Take my gopro to many places
My lovely dog Q-be
Exploring new places


Work Experience