League of Legends

Project Overview
This project finished when I work in the Garena art team, I did a lot of visual design for the PVP online game-League of Legends, the banners launch to the landing page in the shop store of the game.
My Contributions
As a design intern, I designed for the game shop store. Shop store has a discount marketing event almost twice a week, and I finished several pieces of banners on the landing page of the store.
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Graduation Project

I'm graduated from digital media design, and I majored in animation. This is my project for graduation, I finished it with five partners and my role is the main visual designer and illustrator. Finally, we got a reward in Young Designers' Exhibition.
Final animation:

Graphic design

Illustrator is my best tool when making graphic design, now I sometimes use Sketch App instead of it.


I draw in my free time, I use wacom tablet,and draw in Photoshop.

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